At Creative Beginnings, the exploratory program allows children to develop at their own pace in their physical, emotional and social well-being. The environment of the classrooms and outdoor playgrounds are developed intentionally to be rich with beauty and wonder with sensory experiences that encourage awareness without excessive stimulation.

Teachers design a rhythmic schedule that supports the child’s natural internal rhythms; this provides the child a sense of peace and security in the group. This approach to early education influences teachers’ one-on-one moments throughout the day developing strong bonds of trust between the teacher and child. The curriculum allows for the child’s personal creative initiative to blossom as they bring their own ideas into the creative play environment.

Large and small motor skills, oral and receptive language, musical gifts, social awareness, love for the natural world and the beginnings of self-care abilities are some of the skill sets that young children learn as they play and work among respectful, patient and observant teachers.